Out There I Have to Smile

Heather Lanier writes about raising a disabled daughter and the pressure to perform happiness.

Source: Longreads
Published: Mar 2, 2021
Length: 17 minutes (4,473 words)

Binders Full of Men

In an excerpt from her new book on fertility, feminism, and queer family-building, Jennifer Berney explores the possibilities of sperm banks.

Source: Longreads
Published: Feb 9, 2021
Length: 19 minutes (4,976 words)

The Geography Closest In

In her debut memoir, Miranda Ward explores the unique place of almost-motherhood — an uncertain landscape characterized by waiting, wanting, hoping, and not-knowing.

Source: Longreads
Published: Jan 26, 2021
Length: 17 minutes (4,339 words)

Repetitive Stress

“On injury, compensation, and living with pain.”

Source: Longreads
Published: Feb 2, 2021
Length: 25 minutes (6,376 words)

Motherhood on the Line

Three women seeking asylum navigate motherhood, coronavirus, and climate change at the U.S.-Mexico border.

Source: Longreads
Published: Dec 2, 2020
Length: 13 minutes (3,442 words)

Shades of Grey

“In 2018, Floridians voted overwhelmingly to end greyhound racing, a sport they were told was archaic and inhumane. What if they were wrong?”

Source: Longreads
Published: Oct 29, 2020
Length: 28 minutes (7,001 words)

An Atlas of the Cosmos

“We’ve mapped Mars, the Moon, the solar system, even our own galaxy. Which means there is only one thing left to understand in this symbolic way and that is the entirety of the cosmos.”

Source: Longreads
Published: Oct 27, 2020
Length: 17 minutes (4,288 words)

The Power of a Judith Krantz Sex Scene

“A ‘90s romance novel offers a glimpse of queer possibility and illuminates the complications of writing about queer love.”

Source: Longreads
Published: Oct 21, 2020
Length: 10 minutes (2,551 words)

Summer Mother

“Michael A. Gonzales recounts the life lessons of a favorite auntie.”

Source: Longreads
Published: Oct 14, 2020
Length: 6 minutes (1,720 words)

Inside the Chaos of Immigration Court

Gabriel Thompson takes us into San Francisco Immigration Court and the labyrinthine system that asylum seekers—and attorneys and judges—are up against.

Source: Longreads
Published: Sep 22, 2020
Length: 27 minutes (6,849 words)