If You’d Like Us to Consider Your Story as an Editor’s Pick

To submit an already published story for Editor’s Picks consideration, share a story link with @Longreads on Twitter, or share the story using the #longreads tag. If you don’t use Twitter, you can send story links to

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If You’d Like to Pitch Us an Original Story for Publication

Longreads is currently accepting pitches for original stories (1,500 words or more) and blog posts (500 to 1,000 words). We pay competitive rates.

In the past we’ve produced in-depth interviews, deeply researched nonfiction narratives examining a specific moment or person in history, thoughtful reporting about a public interest issue, and personal essays investigating a universal human experience. You can also find inspiration from our annual “Best Of Longreads” series, which features our favorite stories from a variety of publishers and genres. We want to hear about story ideas that excite you, that make you reconsider a previously long-held belief, or inspire you to spend long hours at the library to explore.

Ideas for feature-length stories take a considerable amount of time and research to develop. An easier way to start writing for us is to pitch us an idea for a blog post. We’re looking for anything that relates to our mission—to highlight the best storytelling around the world, whether it’s articles or books, nonfiction or fiction.

Send your pitches to If you are submitting a draft, email the full text in the body of the email (no PDFs or attachments, please).

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Some Tips

We are a small team, and it can take us a considerable amount of time to review pitches. For this reason, we think it’s a great idea for you to pitch your stories to other publications in addition to Longreads—but please include a note to us if you are doing so.

If you do decide to pitch something exclusively to Longreads, give us a deadline to consider your idea before taking your pitch to other outlets.

If we don’t accept your initial pitch, pitch us again! We reject stories for a variety of reasons—the story isn’t quite right for us; our editorial calendar is full; we’ve maxed out our story budget for the month—and sometimes it’s all about timing.