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Our Picks

The Birth of Boko Haram

Andrew Walker traces the growth of Boko Haram, from the tattered remnants of an Islamist sect to a relentless terrorist army.

Source: The Guardian
Published: Feb. 4, 2016
Length: 18 minutes (4595 words)
The Top 5 Longreads of the Week

Our favorite stories of the week, featuring Bloomberg Businessweek, ESPN,, The California Sunday Magazine, and Hazlitt.

Author: Editors
Source: Longreads
Published: Feb. 5, 2016
The Plot to Steal the Color White From DuPont

How a Chinese corporate spy swiped plans for DuPont’s billion-dollar color formula.

Published: Feb. 4, 2016
Length: 15 minutes (3819 words)
Roger Goodell’s Unstoppable Football Machine
A look at the football commissioner and the group of billionaire owners making all the decisions behind the N.F.L.
Published: Feb. 3, 2016
Length: 25 minutes (6349 words)
How Winona Ryder Became the Face of ‘90s Nostalgia

Grunge-era Ryder might be the last great pre-internet icon. Will we ever let her move on?

Source: Hazlitt
Published: Feb. 1, 2016
Length: 35 minutes (8780 words)
The Noma Way

How superstar Danish chef René Redzepi created an entirely new restaurant in Australia, moving the culinary juggernaut Noma from Copenhagen to Sydney for a ten-week residency.

Author: Tienlon Ho
Published: Feb. 2, 2016
Length: 25 minutes (6372 words)
The Aristocratic Chef: An Interview with Daniel Le Bailly de La Falaise
In this exclusive, Cody Delistraty interviews Daniel Le Bailly de La Falaise about celebrity caterings and how true wealth is found in the freshest produce and simple food pairings.
Source: Longreads
Published: Feb. 4, 2016
Length: 14 minutes (3672 words)
Digging Out

In 2003, Will Johnson survived an avalanche that killed seven of his classmates.

Author: Ainsley Doty
Source: Sportsnet
Published: March 25, 2015
Length: 14 minutes (3727 words)
The Lives and Lies of a Professional Impostor

The multi-layered saga of Jeremy Wilson, a professional con artist whose exploits often draw comparisons to the 2002 film “Catch Me if You Can.”

Published: Feb. 5, 2016
Length: 13 minutes (3420 words)
The Night Whitney Houston Won Super Bowl XXV

In January, 1991—ten days after the U.S. entered into war—Whitney Houston owned the National Anthem at the Super Bowl. This is the story of her moment in time.

Author: Danyel Smith
Source: ESPN
Published: Feb. 1, 2016
Length: 12 minutes (3103 words)
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