I’m not able to make friends with Jell-O. Never have, never will. But maybe you’re more adventurous and curious than I am. Like it or not, Jell-O is enjoying a renaissance. At Eater, Bettina Makalintal interviews author Ken Albala about his new book “The Great Gelatin Revival.”

Eater: You write that you don’t choose book topics but that they choose you. What was your relationship to jelly like before you wrote this book?

Ken Albala: I didn’t like it, for one. [laughs] My mother made it when I was young. My parents were on Weight Watchers and they made this parfait that was lots of different colors, Cool Whip with Jell-O, just awful. I told my mother I figured out where Jell-O comes from — that it comes from calves’ feet — and I wasn’t gonna eat it anymore. That got me out of it.

I didn’t like it until a friend dared me to look at Show Me Your Aspics. I got sucked into it and I started making Jell-O here and there and realized that I was doing it every day. Some of them were good, some were not. I thought I might as well just get a book out of this.