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On our September 6, 2019 roundtable episode of the Longreads Podcast, Head of Audience Catherine Cusick, Head of Fact-Checking Matt Giles, and Contributing Editor Danielle Jackson share what they’ve been reading and nominate stories for the Weekly Top 5 Longreads.  

This week, the editors discuss stories in Miami New Times, The New Yorker, Longreads, 5280 Magazine, and The Believer.

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1:12 The Nightmare in the Bahamas Is Far From Over (Zachary Fagenson, October 1, 2019, Miami New Times)

3:38 Hurricane Dorian Was a Climate Injustice (Bernard Ferguson, September 12, 2019, The New Yorker)

10:43 Climate Messaging: A Case for Negativity (Rebecca McCarthy, September 2019, Longreads)

12:41 The Balloon Boy Hoax—Solved! (Robert Sanchez, October 2019, 5280 Magazine)

19:12 The Music of “Hustlers” and the Soaring, Stupid National Mood Circa 2008 (Jia Tolentino, September 27, 2019, The New Yorker)

22:33 Place: The Loop, Houston (Bryan Washington, October 1, 2019, The Believer)

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