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‘Do You Know These Women?’

Sarah Souli  | November 2022 | 13 minutes (3,781 words) This is an excerpt from The Atavist’s issue no. 133, “A Matter of Honor.” The story was completed with generous support from the Incubator for Media Education and Development, a nonprofit journalistic organization founded in 2018 with an exclusive donation from the Stavros Niarchos Foundation. “Just by being there, […]

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Dust and Bones

In 2021, the bodies of 225 migrants attempting to reach the U.S. were recovered from the Arizona desert. This year, 126 bodies have already been found. A third of these deaths are due to environmental exposures — like heat. For the first time, a team of researchers has measured how exactly climate change will exacerbate migrant deaths along the […]

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‘I Felt Like I Was a Prisoner’: The Rapid Rise of US Immigration Authorities’ Electronic Surveillance Programs

Across the U.S., an electronic surveillance system, built on ankle monitors and voice- and face-recognition technology, is tracking an increasing number of asylum seekers and people seeking permanent residency in the country. For many, it feels like they never left prison. ICE spokespeople and officials at the Department of Homeland Security espouse the technology-driven approach […]

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False Passives

As she travels north through Ethiopia, Anna Badkhen speaks with people who are looking for a way to escape — to cross the Gulf of Aden toward Yemen — and ruminates on the plight of refugees and vulnerable populations around the world. When does a journey begin? When droughts parch the land, or mudslides take entire farms […]