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In partnership with Oregon Public Broadcasting, we’ve produced a podcast edition of Bundyville. Listen here, or wherever you get your podcasts.
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Bundyville is a joint effort series by OPB and Longreads. It is hosted and reported by award-winning freelance journalist Leah Sottile. It is produced by Robert Carver and Peter Frick-Wright of 30 Minutes West Productions, and OPB’s Ryan Haas. Editing by Anna Griffin and Mike Dang. Fact Checking was done by Matt Giles, with research help from Kim Frieda. Art Direction by Kjell Reigstad, illustrations by Zoë van Dijk. The podcast features original Music by Robert Carver. Thank you also to Jacob Gross, Catherine Cusick, Amelia Templeton, Conrad Wilson, Ann McGarry, and everyone at Automattic and OPB.