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Justin Scott Campbell
Justin is a writer, educator and diversity consultant living and working in Los Angeles.

Earning Our Place on the Planet: An Interview with adrienne maree brown

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Justin Scott Campbell | Longreads | April 2018 | 19 minutes (5,357 words)


When I was first introduced to the work of adrienne maree brown, it was through fiction. A mentor at the time suggested I read Octavia’s Brood: Science Fiction Stories from Social Justice Movements (AK Press, 2015), a science fiction anthology co-edited by adrienne and the activist Walidah Imarisha. Their goal was to produce a collection of “Visionary Fiction” written by social justice organizers; the grounding principle of their collaboration was the idea that “all organizing is science fiction.”

In that project, adrienne asked activists to imagine possible future worlds; in her next project, she’s asked her readers to imagine a future for the only possible world: this one.

The one that’s dying.
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