Saskatoon artist Jeanette Lodoen wanted Canadians to understand the realities of medically-assisted dying and so she and her family granted a CBC News reporter and videographer unrestricted access in the weeks before, during, and after her death.

Jeanette said her family, which included several great-grandchildren, was her greatest pride. But her “second love” was art.

“I’m really proud. I was looking back and I realize that I’ve done a lot more than I thought I did,” she said, pausing to gather a breath. “I’ve never thought of that because, you know, your life is in pieces. Your life is always now, right?

“I used to think I was lazy because I hated housework. I hated it to the Nth degree. Even when I was young, my brother used to accuse me of being lazy. And so when I did all this [art] work, I realized I wasn’t lazy. I was working at something that I love, not at something I hated, you know?”