NEW YORK, NY - JULY 15: Protestors left Amazon boxes on the ground in front of an Amazon store on 34th St. on July 15, 2019 in New York City. The protest, raising awareness of Amazon facilitating ICE surveillance efforts, coincides with Amazon's Prime Day, when Amazon offers discounts to Prime members. (Photo by Kevin Hagen/Getty Images)

This week, we’re sharing stories from Will Evans, Tomi Obaro, Rachel Morris, Maya Kosoff, and Michelle Delgado.

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1. Behind the Smiles

Will Evans | Reveal News | November 25, 2019 | 24 minutes (6,000 words)

Amazon’s internal injury records expose the true toll of its relentless drive for speed.

2. Before Syracuse, There Was Mizzou

Tomi Obaro | BuzzFeed | November 26, 2019 | 26 minutes (6,696 words)

“‘It’s Little Dixie,’ Little told me. When he was driving down from Chicago with his father and uncle to start his master’s program, he said his uncle told him: ‘Stay away from white women down there.’ Little figured this was mostly a joke, but he knew there was some seriousness behind his uncle’s words. ‘I knew the history of Little Dixie and the University of Missouri being this hotbed of racist events,’ he said. He mentioned Lloyd Gaines and Lucile Bluford as well as Jon Burge, the former Chicago police chief, who attended Mizzou for one semester before returning to Chicago, where he was later accused of torturing hundreds of brown and black people in the ’70s and ’80s. (Though Burge was fired from the force in 1993, he was never prosecuted for the alleged crimes because of the statute of limitations.)

3. Trump Got His Wall, After All

Rachel Morris | HuffPost Highline | November 24, 2019 | 33 minutes (8,300 words)

A small, dedicated crew of hardliners has put up bureaucratic barriers that are far harder to overcome than any hunk of concrete on the southern border.

4. Big Calculator: How Texas Instruments Monopolized Math Class

Maya Kosoff | GEN | November 25, 2019 | 12 minutes (3,000 words)

The $100 calculators have been required in classrooms for more than twenty years, as students and teachers still struggle to afford them.

5. A Brief History of the Crock Pot

Michelle Delgado | Smithsonian | November 26, 2019 | 6 minutes (1,728 words)

If you’ve ever come home from a long day at work to the wonderful smell of dinner waiting in your crockpot, you have Irving Nachumsohn to thank.