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On our August 2, 2019 roundtable episode of the Longreads Podcast, Audience Editor Catherine Cusick, Essays Editor Sari Botton, and Contributing Editor Aaron Gilbreath share what they’ve been reading and nominate stories for the Weekly Top 5 Longreads.

This week, the editors discuss stories in Gay Magazine, The New Yorker, Longreads and Topic.

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1:02 Broken Teeth and All” (Olivia A. Cole, July 23, Gay Magazine)

8:10 Alan Dershowitz, Devil’s Advocate” (Connie Bruck, July 29, 2019, The New Yorker)

On Silence (or, Speak Again)” (Elissa Bassist, July 2019, Longreads)

20:14 One Night Wonder” (Isaac Butler, July 2019, Topic)


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