Bill Shine in the Oval Office
White House Communications Director and Deputy Chief of Staff Bill Shine, who resigned as co-president of Fox News in 2017. (Ron Sachs-Pool/Getty Images)

This week, we’re sharing stories from Jane Mayer, Jen Gann, Christine H. Lee, John Birdsall, and Anna Callaghan.

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1. The Making of the Fox News White House

Jane Mayer | The New Yorker | March 11, 2019 | 45 minutes (11,453 words)

Trump’s friends are like family. And Trump hires his family.

2. The Embryo in the Hallway

Jen Gann | The Cut | March 7, 2019 | 14 minutes (3,693 words)

Jen Gann learned that she and her husband have genetic mutations that can cause cystic fibrosis after her son was diagnosed with the disease. Her second pregnancy involved a lot more people — and a lot more questions.

3. Turning Our Garden’s Bounty Into Community

Christine H. Lee | Catapult | March 5, 2019 | 9 minutes (2,451 words)

In this moving installment of her Catapult column Backyard Politics, Christine H. Lee discovers equilibrium in sharing her farm’s bounty and in the beauty of simple, impromptu barter arrangements.

4. In Bad Taste

John Birdsall | Topic | March 5, 2019 | 10 minutes (2,605 words)

“Garishly food-styled heads of hollowed-out iceberg packed with pimiento cheese, or baked beans in aspic, bolster our own superior sense of ourselves. Like the Instagram freakshake, they are fantasy transgressions against which we define our superior awesomeness.”

5. The First Dog Ascent of a 7,000-Meter Himalayan Peak

Anna Callaghan | Outside | March 3, 2019 | 7 minutes (1,920 words)

Does your heart require warming? Look no further than Mera, a very, very good dog.