This week we’re sharing stories by Evan Osnos, Ashley C. Ford, Michael Grabell, Chris Heath, and Becca Andrews.

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1. How Trump Could Get Fired

Evan Osnos | The New Yorker | May 1, 2017 | 38 minutes (9,500 words)

Impeachment is hard, but the 25th amendment could be easy: if an administration determines a president is incapacitated or otherwise unable to fulfill his duties, it can replace him with the Vice President. Only one administration has attempted this so far, when Ronald Reagan — then the oldest person to hold office — began to forget simple words.

2. My Father Spent 30 Years In Prison. Now He’s Out.

Ashley C. Ford | Refinery 29 | Apr 28, 2017 | 9 minutes (2,409 words)

A touching personal essay in which writer Ashley Ford reveals that she and her father are happily rebuilding their relationship now that he has been released from prison after 30 years. Slowly they are getting to know each other in ways they never had before. One of the more challenging aspects: bringing him up to speed with cell phone technology and texting.

3. Sold For Parts

Michael Grabell | Pro Publica | May 1, 2017 | 25 minutes (6,265 words)

One of the most dangerous companies in the U.S. took advantage of immigrant workers. Then, when they got hurt or fought back, it used America’s laws against them.

4. The Love and Terror of Nick Cave

Chris Heath | GQ | Apr 27, 2017 | 29 minutes (7,286 words)

When musician Nick Cave’s son Arthur died, Cave dealt with his grief the only way he knew how: by continuing to write music. “Songwriting is an immensely positive act,” Cave said, “nothing to do with sadness or depression, no matter what you’re writing about.” A film made about the new album’s recording offers a penetrating portrait of tragedy, creation, and grief.

5. As a Girl, I Went Through Abstinence Ed. As a Woman, I’m Trying to Understand the Damage Done.

Becca Andrews | Mother Jones | Apr 30, 2016 | 20 minutes (5,010 words)

Becca Andrews travels with an abstinence-only sex education team — and considers the impact that same education had on her life.