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Celebrate Pride: Stories About LGBTQ Parenthood

Emily Perper | Longreads | June 5, 2016 | words

This reading list is dedicated to childbirth and/or queer parenthood, focused primarily on the experienced of mothers and non-binary parents.

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Celebrate Pride: Stories About LGBTQ Parenthood

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I. Coming off a seven-hour shift at the bookstore where I work, I texted my boyfriend something like “I cannot handle the idea of coming home and finishing my reading list, I am so tired, I cannot stay up late tonight, pity me,” except with more capital letters and swear words. He suggested, gently, that I divide the MEGA HUGE OMG IT’S PRIDE MONTH reading list/information dump I planned into several smaller segments, one for each week this month. (He’s pretty smart.) That’s what you have to look forward to this June: I’ll take a particular aspect of community (family, religion, history, etc.) and apply it within a queer framework.

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