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Food For Thought: A Reading List

Emily Perper | Longreads | June 8, 2014 | words

This week’s picks from Emily includes stories from Lucky Peach, Modern Farmer, Ars Technica, The Billfold, and The Walrus.

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Food For Thought: A Reading List

This week, we return to your regularly scheduled Longreads programming. The theme? Food: queering food, eating Pokemon, the potential of Soylent, tasting curly fries for a living, and Canadian food trucks.

1. “America, Your Food is So Gay.” (John Birdsall, Lucky Peach, June 2013)

“It’s food that takes pleasure seriously, as an end in itself, an assertion of politics or a human birthright, the product of culture—this is the legacy of gay food writers who shaped modern American food.”

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