Gif via Justin Blinder’s ‘Vacated’ project.

1. “Urban Church Planting Plantations.” (Christena Cleveland, March 2014)

White suburban churches invade urban spaces with no regard for the churches already in place.

2. “Gentrification Sparks Surge In Landlord Sabotage.” (Lauren Evans, Gothamist, Feb. 2014)

Setting fires, locking tenants out and willfully destroying a building’s infrastructure–evil landlords will go to great lengths to dispose of their rent-stabilized tenants in hopes of increasing rent and making thousands off new residents.

3. “Newburgh, N.Y., Seeks Renewal Without Gentrification.” (Lisa Selin Davis, The New York Times, November 2013)

Is a healthy future possible for “the murder capital of New York?”

4. “Gentrification and Its Discontents: Notes from New Orleans.” (Richard Campanella, New Geography, March 2013)

Gentrification might bring New York City or San Francisco to mind, but Campanella takes the reader to “the Williamsburg of the South”: Bywater, New Orleans. He delves into the history of gentrification in Louisiana, which dates back to the 1920s.


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