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I Remember the Bookstore

Jason Guriel | On Browsing | November 2022 | 4,361 words (15 minutes) Let’s browse a bookstore—a Platonic one, a composite. Let’s wander an aisle, running our fingertips across a wall of spines. One spine, thick and black, juts out: the recent NYRB Classics reissue of William Gaddis’s novel The Recognitions. It’s a block of a book, […]

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The Death Cheaters

Michael Nguyen, once a a tailor to the stars, is the founder of Longevity House, an exclusive club where the ultra-wealthy are dipping into high-tech ways to prolong their lives. There’s the BioCharger, a device that fights chronic disease and other ailments, a red-light therapy room, experimental fecal transplants, and access to various specialists, from […]