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The Top 5 Longreads of the Week

Froggie regrets. A precious ticket to a Chicago Bulls game. A conversation about AI and nature. A profile of the world’s most famous unknown writer. And to finish, a look back to last Friday and a St. Patrick’s Day tradition. 1. Frog Anne Fadiman | Harper’s Magazine | February 10, 2023 | 5,816 words “There […]

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Tree Sleuths

Lauren Markham examines the potential for tree DNA, and the work of experts like tree geneticist Richard Cronn, to help curb the illegal timber trade and poaching of valuable wood like big-leaf maple and black walnut. Could he help Huff’s team determine whether there was a genetic link between the felled trees in the Olympic […]

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Night Shifts

“Clearly dreams do something for us,” writes Michael W. Clune. “If not, why would evolution have endowed us with the capacity?” In this essay, Clune explores the fascinating world of dream engineering via a device called the Dormio, which enables a person to shape the images that appear during hypnagogia, the transitional stage between wakefulness […]