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Deep Time Sickness

In Noema, Lachlan Summers investigates the long-lasting effects earthquakes have had on Mexico City’s denizens — aftershocks that manage to be both physical and psychological. These are the tocado, the “touched,” forever in fear of the next stage of dissolution. For buildings in Mexico City, destruction is seldom an absolute condition. Residents, and especially people who are tocado, attune […]

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Should You Keep Having Sex During a 9.0 Earthquake, and Other Pressing Questions

If you’ve been too scared to read this week’s New Yorker story on the apocalyptic earthquake that’s threatening to destroy the Pacific Northwest, here’s a lighter take from Dan Savage, who had a short conversation with Seattle author Sandi Doughton about her 2014 book Full-Rip 9.0: The Next Big Earthquake in the Pacific Northwest and […]