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The True Story of the Fugitive Drug Smuggler Who Became an Environmental Hero

When Florida drug trafficker Raymond Stansel was busted in 1974, he disappeared, changed his identity, and escaped to the dense rainforest along the Daintree River in Far North Queensland, Australia. But instead of laying low, he started an ecological tour company and viable business, becoming invested in the environmental protection of the region.

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The World’s Most Notorious Drug Trafficker Breaks Out of Prison (Again)

Drug kingpin Joaquín Guzmán Loera, known as “El Chapo,” escaped from a maximum-security prison in Mexico this weekend. It’s his second prison escape. “Anyone who makes a mile-long tunnel from his cell and escapes on a motorcycle is necessarily in collusion with the government,” a government official told Patrick Radden Keefe in his New Yorker […]

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A tour of one of the most dangerous stretches of the U.S.-Mexico border—where drug smuggling and human trafficking mean Arizona ranch owners finding bodies in their backyards: In late 2010, after the ninth corpse or body part had been discovered on his ranch in a span of 12 months, David Lowell sat down and drafted […]