The Shelf Life of John Mackey

Whole Foods’ eccentric founder changed the way Americans consume food. Can he survive the Wall Street forces that now want to consume him?

Author: Tom Foster
Source: Texas Monthly
Published: Jun 15, 2017
Length: 33 minutes (8,335 words)

Welcome to the Green Machine

After the author’s son found himself in a series of dead ends, he joined the Army for discipline and direction. What the boy found was something that his parents, whose family members hadn’t served in the military since WWII, were even surprised to feel proud of: confidence, career options, pride, despite their fear that he could meet a horrible end.

Source: Texas Monthly
Published: Jun 1, 2017
Length: 18 minutes (4,510 words)

The Trouble with Innocence

For nearly 40 years, Kerry Max Cook fought to clear his name after being wrongfully convicted in a murder case. So why did he ask for his conviction back? Michael Hall reports on what happened to an innocent man after spending years in prison.

Source: Texas Monthly
Published: Mar 16, 2017
Length: 54 minutes (13,748 words)

The Faces of Obamacare

As the GOP discusses repealing the Affordable Care Act, it’s essential to look at some of the lives that nationalized health care has improved and saved, and at the activists who helped get eligible people enrolled. Here are a few from Texas.

Source: Texas Monthly
Published: Feb 14, 2017
Length: 18 minutes (4,534 words)

The Prisoner

In 1991, twelve-year-old Edwin Debrow killed a cab driver. Twenty-five years later, he remains in prison, continuing to be denied parole since 1999. Is the public better served by putting youngsters in adult prisons and keeping them off the streets for years and years?

Source: Texas Monthly
Published: Dec 27, 2016
Length: 30 minutes (7,598 words)

Crossed Stitches

Rachel Monroe investigates a T-shirt quilt empire that went under and the laypeople-turned-detectives who dedicated themselves to recovering their mementos lost in the chaos.

Source: Texas Monthly
Published: Nov 27, 2016
Length: 25 minutes (6,426 words)

The Iconoclast

A profile of Jim Allison, a scientist whose research in immunology has helped pioneer new breakthrough cancer treatments.

Source: Texas Monthly
Published: Oct 21, 2016
Length: 42 minutes (10,576 words)

Are You Ready to Meet Your Fixer Uppers?

Home renovation shows package the American dream from anxiety-riddled nightmare to easily-digestible entertainment. In this profile of Chip and Joanna Gaines, the stars of HGTV’s “Fixer Upper,” Taffy Brodesser-Akner goes long on how the couple works together and how they’ve managed to rebrand Waco, Texas as a place not of tragedy, but of shiplap and dreams.

Source: Texas Monthly
Published: Sep 21, 2016
Length: 36 minutes (9,143 words)

Off Course

“There it was, set out with cold data in the official report and with occasional colorful description in the newspaper reportage, the story of my father’s death. The story, in a way, of the beginning of my life.” A man uncovers the past of the father he never knew: a World War II pilot, James Erwin McLaughlin, who died in a crash in 1948.

Source: Texas Monthly
Published: Jun 6, 2016
Length: 43 minutes (10,975 words)

Unfriendly Climate

In Texas, one respected Christian atmospheric scientist uses the Bible to make the case why other Christians—frequently political conservatives—need to treat global warming as a global moral issue. Not everyone is listening.

Source: Texas Monthly
Published: May 1, 2016
Length: 24 minutes (6,100 words)