The Danger of Desire

Faylita Hicks considers what it means to be a Black nonbinary activist in the age of Trump — and questions how the social justice movement has changed the way they have sex.

Source: Longreads
Published: Apr 2, 2020
Length: 28 minutes (7,041 words)

The Unravelling of a Dancer

Sharon Stern devoted herself to Butoh. Did her mentor lead her down a dangerous path?

Source: The New Yorker
Published: Mar 30, 2020
Length: 33 minutes (8,317 words)

Notes in the Margin (Part IV)

The stray thoughts of a scattered reader.

Source: The Believer
Published: Apr 1, 2020
Length: 24 minutes (6,024 words)

The Source

On the eve of America’s Bicentennial, a mysterious illness terrifies the country and sends disease detectives racing the clock to find answers.

Published: Mar 30, 2020
Length: 54 minutes (13,660 words)

YouTube Sensation. Progressive in a Purple District. Single Mom.

What the Democratic Party could learn from first-term Congresswoman Katie Porter.

Published: Mar 25, 2020
Length: 17 minutes (4,284 words)

A Letter from the Coronavirus Quarantine

Missing Serie A, pasta, and friendship.

Source: ESPN
Published: Mar 28, 2020
Length: 10 minutes (2,543 words)

On a Wing and a Mayor

Are mayors the heroes of 21st century politics, or is going from getting the snow shoveled and the sewer lines fixed to managing a global pandemic a leap too far?

Source: The Baffler
Published: Mar 30, 2020
Length: 9 minutes (2,274 words)

Six Proposals for Participation in a Conversation About Bread

As with violence and political upheaval, bread: “With obvious sorrow she would repeat, during our walk to the bread oven, how easily one grew accustomed to the taste of this bread over time.”

Published: Mar 30, 2020
Length: 7 minutes (1,764 words)

Ozark Life

“A photo essay of the intimate beauty of daily life in rural Arkansas.”

Published: Mar 24, 2020
Length: 13 minutes (3,305 words)


A fatal overdose, a stunning coincidence, and a mother’s long quest to heal.

Author: Max Blau
Source: The Atavist
Published: Mar 31, 2020
Length: 32 minutes (8,000 words)