In yet another true crime story—but one that still manages to surprise—Margie Palm gets kidnapped by serial killer Stephen Miller and discusses her religious beliefs until he lets her go. Julie Miller recounts this bizarre, terrifying day and the even more bizarre friendship that followed. By smartly delving into the background of both characters she provides the necessary context to understand an otherwise unfathomable scenario.

In the years since she survived Morin, Palm was approached by agents, authors, and name-brand Hollywood producers eager to turn her abduction into books, a dramatized movie, or a miniseries. Invariably, they wanted to package her story either as a two-dimensional thriller or a Christian parable in which God comes to her in a car and saves her life and a mass murderer’s soul. Palm turned them all away, making her story a white whale even in our era of peak serial killer content. She’s telling her story in full for the first time here partly because she finally understands what happened to her.