Renton Sinclair grew up in a hell manufactured by his mother, a zealous Christian and rising MAGA star who is now using him and her version of his life story to advance a right-wing agenda:

Renton knows his mom has always loved the spotlight. She was, after all, a Miss America contestant, having been crowned Miss Illinois in 1996. Renton is horrified that, in a way, Tania has a new, albeit crueler, pageant. It’s a pageant similarly obsessed with gender. For Tania, it has higher stakes than a sash and crown: She believes it’s her divine destiny and duty to take part in the current conservative crusade to force trans people out of public life, a necessary step in paving the path for Christ’s return. As outlandish and self-aggrandizing as that may seem, Tania has allies in high places to help her on this holy mission.

Renton has watched as his mom has started to speak from the same stages as famous right-wing figures—Eric Trump, Roger Stone, Michael Flynn and others—calling for laws that would force him to be everything he’s not.

He has watched his mom get on these stages and call him a “prodigal daughter”—a reference to the biblical story of the Prodigal Son, a wayward child destined to one day repent and return to God, return home, return to her.

But Renton is neither a prodigal nor a daughter.