She may blame George Orwell, but that doesn’t change the fact that Margaret Atwood saw it coming. And in this spirited conversation with Kate Knibbs, she shows why she’s 50 years deep into a storied fiction career — and why she’s not stopping anytime soon.

That reminds me of one of the first questions I was going to ask you. 

What’s it like to be really, really old? 


It’s more fun than you’d think.

Well, actually—expand on that. 

As long as you’re not actually dying or having dementia, you just have a lot less to lose. You can color quite a lot further outside the lines, especially compared to young people these days, in an age of anxiety. People are afraid of being beaten up by their peers on social media. They haven’t been hardened in the fire. If you have been hardened, you can just let it rip.