This is a highly moving and deeply personal essay on choosing when to die.  Robin Williamson carried out the “SWITZERLAND Schedule” — her mother’s assisted suicide at Dignitas — along with her family, after a final month of them all living together, contemplating what is to come.

As unpleasant and difficult and tiresome as it was, much of that month leading up to the event was a kind of idyll. For one, my mother was still alive. And it had been so long since we’d been together as a family. Or the last time ever, depending on how you look at it. I see this period in summary in the image of a family around a television. My father, my brothers and me are spread across the sofas, beers for us, red wine for him. My mother is beside a sofa, sitting on her scooter, a glass of scotch just within reach. An ordinary family in ordinary times.