If you’ve seen the recent documentary This Place Rules, you may wonder what the hell its narrator — Andrew Callaghan, a Tiny Tim-looking cat in a rumpled tan suit who has an unerring sense of how to immerse himself in the most chaotic scenes possible — is doing. I certainly did. And after reading this entertaining profile from Rowan Moore Gerety, I’m a little closer to knowing. (But just a little.)

Callaghan has said that what he does is make reporting for people who don’t watch the news, but the group’s videos tend to feature people who don’t show up much in the news, either. The best of Channel 5’s thirty-odd videos tend to do what Callaghan has called oscillating between parody and empathy. At ComplexCon, an expo in Long Beach, California, showcasing hip-hop and Internet culture, a video blogger explains to Callaghan, unprompted, that he’s taking a hiatus from masturbation in order to overcome a pornography addiction.