Is Neal Brennan my favorite stand-up comic? Not by a long shot. But as a co-creator of Chappelle’s Show, his impact on the culture is indelible — and more than anything else, he deeply loves the art of comedy, and it’s almost never a bad idea to read conversations with people who truly love what they do.

I think artists should be able to edit their shit. You know what I mean? The same way they edit a joke that doesn’t work, doesn’t get a big enough laugh. There’s got to be some jury process, even within your own mind. I think you should be free in your first draft. You should be able to fuck around at the Cellar. But, after that, after you put it out into the world, I think people can criticize you all they want. It’s one of those dichotomies: speak your truth and live with the consequences, but, also, you’re a social animal that needs connection. I want to be able to say whatever I want to say, but also I have a glass jaw and I want total approval from everyone. And maybe that’s, like, the new human condition.