Perhaps it’s an understatement to say that writer Alan Moore has a conflicted relationship with the work for which people know him best. But as this long interview proves, it may also be an understatement to say that Alan Moore isn’t the reclusive grouch he’s thought to be. He’s just a little … disappointed by the rest of us.

“When I saw the television industry awards that the Watchmen television show had apparently won, I thought, ‘Oh, god, perhaps a large part of the public, this is what they think Watchmen was?’ They think that it was a dark, gritty, dystopian superhero franchise that was something to do with white supremacism. Did they not understand WatchmenWatchmen was nearly 40 years ago and was relatively simple in comparison with a lot of my later work. What are the chances that they broadly understood anything since? This tends to make me feel less than fond of those works. They mean a bit less in my heart.”