Additional notes about this template:

  • The author of the post will be the name of person who added it to WordPress
  • The word count should be number_format($lr_pick_word_count, 0, ".", ",")
    • This is the standard US format of displaying numbers with a comma separating the thousands position and a period to indicate decimals. Since there are no partial words, we shouldn’t see the decimal.
  • Fields in the subtitle should be divided using the vertical bar |
  • The date should be formatted date("F n, Y", strtotime($lr_pick_pub_date))
    • Full Month
    • Date with no leading zeros
    • No timestamp
    • Example: October 4, 2021
  • Add a button block to the bottom with a link with the label “Read The Story”
    • Note, label will be title case
  • Mind the subtitle field