While the numbers are slowly getting better, there’s no question that the world of outdoor recreation is still slanted heavily away from Black participation. It’s an imbalance that Jahmicah Dawes is trying mightily to change — and has been ever since he opened his Texas store in 2017. Which isn’t to say he hasn’t weathered some storms along the way, as Ian Dille’s profile makes clear.

Throughout the summer of 2020, Dawes would look at his young sons and wonder, How am I going to keep them safe? Stress mounted. The shop continued to struggle. To make payroll, Dawes took night shifts at Home Depot and H-E-B, stocking shelves. Heather, who at the time ran a nonprofit pregnancy support clinic, found herself looking around their home, thinking, Okay, what can we sell? When Dawes fell asleep driving home from an evening shift, Heather knew he needed help.