Brian Johnson used to be small. Today, Brian Johnson is large. Very large. He’s also very wealthy, apparently. In his estimation, both of those facts are inextricably tied to the fact that he eats a pound of raw organ meat every day. And if you’re at this very moment saying to yourself, “I hope someone hilarious profiles this guy,” then you’re in luck, because Madeleine Aggeler’s piece is a lot like Johnson’s favorite food: concentrated, intense, and liable to bring a tear to your eye.

The Liver King is open about the fact that his content is geared almost exclusively towards men. “People say, how come you don’t model, teach, preach, and fight for women? Listen, I can’t help you with that,” he shrugged. But even though I’m personally not really in his target audience, the Liver King did graciously have his chef prepare a large bull testicle and raw liver for me to sample, only to hurry me past the gory snack tray after confirming that I was a vegetarian. (“Your organs are ready!” the chef called after us.)