This week, we’re sharing stories from Justine van der Leun, Rebecca Traister, Larry Kramer, Gabriella Paiella, and Rosanne Cash.

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1. The Evidence Against Her

Justine van der Leun | GEN | May 27, 2020 | 44 minutes (11,071 words)

He raped and tortured her for years. He had a gun; he “showed her diagrams of the human brain… the place that would allow her to live but without speech or memory. ‘Wouldn’t that be convenient, he said.’” She shot him, to save herself and her kids. And according to the prosecutor, jury, and judge, she’s a premeditated murderer who deserves her 20-year prison sentence.

2. The Resilience of Marga Griesbach

Rebecca Traister | The Cut | May 26, 2020 | 35 minutes (8,816 words)

“I think every life is like a novel.” Marga Griesbach was born in Germany in 1927. Her life is like multiple novels — horror, romance, magical realism, travelogue. Whatever you’re doing right now, you should stop it and read this story.

3. 1,112 and Counting

Larry Kramer | New York Native | March 14, 1983 | 24 minutes (6,164 words)

Larry Kramer’s historic essay, originally published in March 1983, was a clarion call for urgent action on HIV/AIDS.

4. The Remaking of Steve Buscemi

Gabriella Paiella | GQ | May 26, 2020 | 14 minutes (3,600 words)

“In a rare interview, Hollywood’s most beloved misfit opens up about anxiety, loss, and the hard work of getting through it all.”

5. I Will Miss What I Wanted to Lose

Rosanne Cash | The Atlantic | May 27, 2020 | 6 minutes (1,684 words)

“I didn’t fully appreciate what life on the road gave me until suddenly it was gone.”