For Digg, Joe Veix logged back in to Second Life, 15 years after its creation and a decade after its heyday. He learned that there are still 800,000 active users but they’re hard to come by, that it’s still possible to fly while on horseback, and that abandoned physical spaces and abandoned digital spaces share a common grimness.

I couldn’t find the Edwards HQ, or Laguna Beach. Nothing showed up in the game’s search engine. I tried asking around. I visited an ’80s-themed night club and asked anyone if they knew where Laguna Beach was. I was immediately warped to a dance podium, where I started dancing, against my will.

I warped to another nude beach. I was greeted by a sign explicitly stating that no erections were permitted on the beach.

There were actually a few people at the beach, but none of them seemed active and were most likely AFK. How long had computers been running, with their ghost avatars waiting in suspended silence?

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