A multi-media investigative report on the vast discrepancy between the actual number of Iraqi civilians killed by American-led coalition airstrikes against ISIS, and the number the coalition itself reports. In addition to uncovering likely truer math — for instance, while the coalition says 1 in 157 air strikes have killed civilians, reporters Azmat Khan and Anand Gopal claim the ratio is more like 1 in 5, a rate 31 percent higher — the report puts human faces on the air strikes’ victims and survivors. Threaded through the reporting is the story of Basim Razzo — who survived a September, 2015 strike on his home and his brother’s adjacent home that killed his wife, daughter, brother and nephew — and his endeavors to get the coalition to stop denying it had struck his home after mistaking it for ISIS headquarters. Included alongside the article are photographs and videos telling the stories of other strikes, their victims, and survivors.