Perennial junior college basketball power South Plains college finished the 2015-16 season with a 21-9 record—too uneven for head coach Steve Green. As Scott Cacciola details in this exhaustively thorough piece about SPC, which is undefeated and about to begin its path to ‘Hutch’ (shorthand for Hutchinson, Kansas, where the juco national title game is held every year), Green remade his squad in the image of the Golden State Warriors. The Texans even have their own version of Draymond Green (Brooklyn’s Jahlil Tripp) and Steph Curry (Jordan Brangers)—but no Kevin Durant (yet). As Green tells Cacciola, “I just want guys who can shoot now. If you have somebody on the floor who can’t score, you’re playing four against five. They just don’t guard them.”