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Below, our favorite stories of the week.

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1. With Child

Kiera Feldman | Harper’s | Nov. 17, 2016 | 24 minutes (6,193 words)

Kiera Feldman reports from South Dakota, one of the most restrictive states in the country when it comes to ending a pregnancy.

2. Obama Reckons With a Trump Presidency

David Remnick | The New Yorker | Nov. 18, 2016 | 43 minutes (10,924 words)

David Remnick follows President Obama in the days leading up to, and after, a shocking presidential election.

See also: “When a Populist Demagogue Takes Power” (Adrian Chen, The New Yorker)

3. When the Devil Enters

Ariel Ramchandani | The Atavist | Nov. 18, 2016 | 48 minutes (11,586 words)

An Italian town is plagued by mysterious fires for years, leading scientists, law enforcement, and the Catholic church to get involved.

4. The Barnacle Queens of the Spanish Seaside

Matt Goulding | Roads & Kingdoms | Nov. 11, 2016 | 25 minutes (6,300 words)

Matt Goulding profiles the González sisters of Galicia, four women thriving in the dangerous, male-dominated field of percebes, or gooseneck barnacles, a rare Spanish delicacy. Adapted from Grape, Olive, Pig: Deep Travels Through Spain’s Food Culture.

5. Tim Robbins’s Prison Improv Classes Make Inmates Less Likely to Re-Offend

Mickey Rapkin | New York Magazine | Nov. 14, 2016 | 8 minutes (2,092 words)

A look at the Actors Gang Prison Project, an improv workshop actors Tim Robbins and Sabra Williams have been leading for inmates for ten years, which has been shown to reduce recidivism rates.