.Photo: Dean Hochman

Bullies, teachers, classmates—it’s time to head back to school with these six stories from the Chronicle of Higher Education, Los Angeles Times and more.

1. “Twice Exceptional.” (Hana Schank, The Big Roundtable, July 2015)

Hana Schank navigates a disturbingly complex bureaucracy to advocate for her four-year-old daughter, Nora, who is exceptionally bright and low-vision.

2. “Out of Pocket: What Teachers Across the Country Spend on Supplies.” (Joanna Petrone, The Billfold, August 2016)

Teaching is grueling—emotionally, physically and financially. My mom is a librarian/media specialist at a public elementary school, and she works hard year-round to make her media center beautiful. While she’s reimbursed for some of the books she purchases, other items–like the colorful rugs, decor and pirate-ship playhouse in the reading corner–come out of her own paycheck. At The Billfold, teachers from across the country share which supplies they pay for out-of-pocket, and the numbers are shocking.

3. “Coming Out as Gay in Elementary School.” (Shannon Keating, BuzzFeed News, April 2015)

Kids are coming out younger and younger, whether they’re exploring their gender identity and expression or sexual orientation. The adolescents, families and experts profiled in this piece have great advice for creating affirming, supportive spaces.

4. “School’s Out Forever.” (Allison Pohle, Inside Columbia Magazine, April 2013)

Unschooled kids aren’t only in hippie enclaves. Meet the Missouri families letting their kids take the reins of their education.

5. “Framed.” (Christopher Goffard, Los Angeles Times, September 2016)

A tale of two bullies, neither of the playground or cyber variety: Two highly educated lawyers decided to make the life of the PTA president a living hell.