The Bachelor’s Jake Pavelka, canine escape artists, William Faulkner, fire-safety tips — they’re all building blocks of one strange, beautiful book tour for Matthew Griffin, which he recounts with grace and humor. “[I]n Knoxville, we stay at a friend’s house, and when her coffee maker starts to drip with that mechanical click, the smell fills her kitchen in a way it never does at home, in my normal life, and I lean against the counter and talk to her and start to feel, really feel, like I’m in one of those Folger’s commercials where a brother in the military surprises his family by coming home at Christmas and awakening them to his presence with the smell of brewing coffee, and I am filled with goodwill and comfort and warm friendship and also a deep understanding that coffee is the most wonderful thing and a sign that maybe there might possibly be a God after all.”