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Heartbreak, desire, dating, romance—Valentine’s Day brings all of these experiences to the forefront of our minds and hearts. Revel in all the feels with these 14 (get it?) essays and interviews.

1. “A Modern Guide to the Love Letter.” (John Biguenet, The Atlantic, February 2015)

2. “Love is Like Cocaine.” (Helen Fisher, Nautilus, February 2016)

3. “Unlove Me: I Found Love Because I Was Lucky, Not Because I Changed Myself.” (Maris Kreizman, Brooklyn, February 2016)

4. “Couple Crushes: Debating the Object of Your Affection with the Object of Your Affection.” (Christine Friar and Alan Hanson, Nerve, June 2014)

5. “Valentine’s Day.” (Joshua Mohr, The Rumpus, December 2013)

6. “Trans Punk Icon Laura Jane Grace Talks Love in the Patriarchy and Writing a Memoir.” (Amelia Mason, The Artery, February 2016)

7. “Getting Married in One Week Was the Most Romantic Thing I Ever Did.” (Meaghan O’Connell, The Cut, February 2016)

8. “After 40 Days: Jessica Walsh on Love, Work, and Life as a Viral Phenomenon.” (Fiona McCann, Portland Monthly, July 2015)

9. “The Loves of Others.” (Hannah Black, The New Inquiry, June 2014)

10. “14 Great Poets on Their Favorite Love Poems.” (Emily Temple, Flavorwire, February 2013)

11. “Endless Love.” (Aaron Ben-Zeev, Aeon, February 2014)

12. “The Greatest LGBT Love Letters of All Time.” (Maria Popova, Brain Pickings, February 2014)

13. “My Happy Ending.” (Carolita Johnson, The Toast, July 2013)

14. “Romantic Pointers from ‘the Power Couple of the L.A. Podcast Scene,’ Kumail Nanjiani and Emily V. Gordon.” (Erik Adams, A.V. Club, February 2015)