Photograph by Jamie Chung for Bloomberg Businessweek

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1. The Plot to Steal the Color White From DuPont

Del Quentin Wilber | Bloomberg Businessweek | Feb. 4, 2016 | 15 minutes (3,819 words)

How a Chinese corporate spy swiped plans for DuPont’s billion-dollar color formula.

2. The Night Whitney Houston Won Super Bowl XXV

Danyel Smith | ESPN | Feb. 1, 2016 | 12 minutes (3,103 words)

In January, 1991—ten days after the U.S. entered into war—Whitney Houston owned the National Anthem at the Super Bowl. This is the story of her moment in time.

3. Unfathomable Life: A Writer Grieves for Her Father, Through Five Movies

Jessica Ritchey | | Jan. 28, 2016 | 8 minutes (2,000 words)

After Ritchey’s father died of complications of “a stroke-like event,” she processes her grief while watching films throughout the year.

4. The Noma Way

Tienlon Ho | The California Sunday Magazine | Feb. 2, 2016 | 25 minutes (6,372 words)

How superstar Danish chef René Redzepi created an entirely new restaurant in Australia, moving the culinary juggernaut Noma from Copenhagen to Sydney for a ten-week residency.

5. How Winona Ryder Became the Face of ‘90s Nostalgia

Soraya Roberts | Hazlitt | Feb. 1, 2016 | 35 minutes (8,780 words)

Grunge-era Ryder might be the last great pre-internet icon. Will we ever let her move on?