Photo: Allen

Boo! Read these stories about the scariest weekend of the year while getting over your candy hangovers.

1. “I Was a Halloween Costume Model.” (Freddie Campion, GQ October 2015)

Looking to make a little extra money, our anonymous hero answered a Craigslist ad.

2. “The Husband Stitch.” (Carmen Maria Machado, Granta, October 2014)

A sexy, spooky take on the tale of the woman with a ribbon around her neck.

3. “Not That Kind of Ghoul.” (Wailin Wong, The Distance, October 2014)

In the midst of pop-up shops and online superstores, Fantasy Costumes in Chicago endures year-round.

4. “Monsters at the Door.” (Chris Randle, Hazlitt, August 2014)

Meet Emily Carroll, whose horror-laced comics are as stunning as they are scary.

5. “31 Fairly Obscure Literary Monsters.” (J.W. McCormack, Electric Literature, October 2014)

A detailed glossary of villains and weirdos and spooks.

6. “Why is Scaring People So Much Fun?” (Alana Massey, Pacific Standard, October 2015)

“It took until the end of the school year for me to come clean and apologize for fabricating the entire story of Jules, the doll-dwelling murdered girl.”