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“I wanted it to be big, bold, and weird,” Perry explains of his initial inspiration during our conversation with him. He highlights his exploration of color as a way to “vibrate the viewer.” His designs nail this goal, flashing fast and bright like a drug-fueled sprint through Times Square…

Artist Mike Perry had so many ideas ahead of his initial meeting with Ilana Glazer and Abbi Jacobson, the show’s creators and stars, that one was not enough. So every episode of the Comedy Central series — returning for its third season next spring — offers the viewer a different sequence and a new glimpse into Perry’s limitless imagination.

The Art of the Title takes you behind the scenes with Mike Perry, the illustrator behind the colorful chaos of the “Broad City” credits, and Julie Verardi, Comedy Central Senior Designer and Animator. Both Perry and Verardi grew up doodling; their collaboration on “Broad City” involves Perry hand-drawing 10 to 100 intricate frames, while Verardi edits and perfects the animation.

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