Photo: Patrick Breitenbach

When I first met Megan Tan, she was a talented photojournalist at the daily paper where I was a religion reporter. Today, Tan is the producer of Millennial, a new podcast about “maneuvering your 20s, after graduating college, and all the things that nobody teaches you.” Tan avoids artifice in her work; the podcast is from her perspective. She talks about her waitressing job, her boyfriend’s career successes, and conversations with her parents. Megan is down-to-earth: charming, relatable, hard-working. She records from her apartment. PRX interviewed Tan about her inspiration and goals for her first podcast.

PRX: How has Millennial changed the way you think about your future?

Megan Tan: I think a lot of the things that I was really scared of when I started this are so much more tangible than they have ever been, which is remarkable. I write down a lot of goals. I write down lots of lists and things that I want. For a while I had a list and I took a picture of it with my iPhone and had it as my background. A lot of things I had written just felt unachievable. One of those things was making a podcast. But now because I’ve created Millennial, a lot of the things that I wanted I’ve gotten lot closer to.

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