My New Year’s resolution for 2014: forgo book-buying—just for a year. I’ve made two or three exceptions (a signed first edition! A play from my friend’s small press!), but, miraculously, haven’t binged in my local bookstore, much as I want to. I own hundreds of books. I want to read what I already own. And I want to save money, like any good millennial.

But there’s still the library—my salvation. I put the hottest titles on hold. I stumble upon books I never would’ve thought to read. I can check out giant stacks without feeling any guilt. Libraries are amazing. Here are four stories looking at different aspects of the library system.

1. “How Librarians Can Help Fight the Culture of Slut-Shaming.” (Karen Jensen, School Library Journal, July 2014)

2. “Secrets of the Stacks.” (Phyllis Rose, Medium, May 2014)

3. “What are Prison Libraries Really Like?” (Adina Applebaum, The Airship, June 2014)

4. “A World Digital Library is Coming True!” (Robert Darnton, NYRB, May 2014)

Bonus Quickread: “Best Job Ever: Renegade Librarian Megan Prelinger.”

Photo: Samantha Marx