A profile of a 38-year-old ‘world pun champion’:

At one point Gruber helps lead a discussion of favorite puns. One competitor says, “What’s The Onion newspaper’s biggest competitor?” Ziek quips, “Is it Wiki-Leeks?” The punster seems embarrassed as he reveals his passable but inferior answer, the Garlic Press.

As the night wears on, the punsters form teams to play Schmovie, a board game in which players try to create the best punny movie titles. One round calls for a movie about a constipated basketball player.

A member of Ziek’s team comes up with Scottie Poopin’, but Ziek overrules him in favor of the more on-point LeBrown Jams. It’s a tough round, but his pick ultimately triumphs over another team’s Poop Dreams.