A Chinese Photojournalist Becomes a Star in Iowa: Our College Pick

Beginning writers are fond of openings stories with quotes that aren’t strong enough to lead with. Who is the speaker? Why do we care? Until they have more experience distinguishing a great quote from a merely good one, journalism instructors urge students not to open with some one else’s words. In a profile, opening with a strong quote can give us a sense of the subject’s voice and identify—who they are, and why we care. In her profile of fellow Iowa State University student Yue Wu, writer Elaine Godfrey manages to use her subject’s voice to tell the story without falling prey to the trap of stringing quotes together. By the end of the profile you wish you could meet Wu. Thanks to Godfrey, you have.

Yue Wu

Elaine Godfrey | Ethos Magazine | February 28, 2014 | 12 minutes (2,924 words)