1. At the small publishing company where I work, the pace these past few months has been chaotic. We send representatives to book festivals in L.A., Tucson, Philadelphia, the D.C. suburbs and New York City. We didn’t get to AWP in Seattle, though, so I was delighted by David W. Brown’s write-up for The Atlantic, “11,800 People Sharing in the Existential Agony of Writing.”

2. How do books get published? Learn about financial wheeling-and-dealing from former Random House editor-in-chief Daniel Menaker’s comical and (literally) conversational “A Look at the Book Business from the Inside.”

3. “Solidly Mid-List” by Russell Rowland for The Rumpus: After the undeniable success of his first novel, Rowland’s luck turned. The assumption that a solid debut ensures continued success is false. “But I know so many writers, many very good writers, who are struggling with this same situation. So the question becomes when did experience become a detriment to getting published?”

4. “Two Editors, One Novelist” is a conversation amongst Emma Donaghue, bestselling author of Room and Frog Music, and her American and British editors. How do they balance each other’s critiques to form a coherent relationship?


Photo: Nicola