“Rembert and Stuckert decided they would take Peace Corps assignments later that year and help with the unfolding hometown crisis in the meantime. ‘When we started Energize Clinton County, we thought, “Oh, we’ll do this for a few months and then head to the Peace Corps,”’ says Rembert. ‘Then it became six months and then it became a year.’

“‘When we were growing up, it was [considered] a failure to come back to Wilmington,’ he adds. ‘The idea was if you could leave, you should leave.’ Now, at 28, he is co-director of ECC, executive director of the Wilmington Chamber of Commerce, and a homeowner.”

– Cincinnati Magazine takes a look at the city of Wilmington, Ohio, after one of its biggest employers left and unemployment shot up to 19 percent. The city bounced back by launching a series of initiatives, including one to lure its own young people back home. See more stories about the recession.


Photo by: Ohio Office of Redevelopment

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