“In meetings on Sand Hill Road, Latour says, nearly everyone expressed enthusiasm for Everpix’s product. But one by one, they turned him down. After two meetings with one well-known firm, a partner sent Latour an email. ‘You guys seem to be a spectacularly talented team and some informal reference checking confirmed that, but everyone here is hung up on the concern over being able to build a >$100M revenue subscription business in photos in this age of free photo tools.’ Said a partner at another firm: ‘The reaction was positive for you as a team but weak in terms of whether a $B business could be built.’

“As time ran out, hopes diminished. ‘It succeeded in every possible way,’ said Jason Eberle, who built the web version of Everpix, ‘except for the only way that matters.’”

Casey Newton, for The Verge, on the life and death of Everpix, a beloved product that failed to stay afloat. Read more on tech.


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